Year 6 Prefects

These Year 6 Prefects have been specifically chosen for demonstrating the following outstanding qualities:

- An excellent attitude towards their work

- Exemplary behaviour around the school

- Consideration towards the whole school community

- Striving to push themselves forwards in all they do

Our Prefects:


At school, Ella’s favourite subject is maths because she enjoys the opportunity of applying her understanding to questions and also getting challenged.

Outside of the classroom, one of her hobbies is horse riding, whether it is raining or sunny. Ella also enjoys netball and even has a net, which she can practise with at home.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Ella is looking forward to the Prefect meetings and being a role model to others.


In the classroom, JJ’s most enjoyable subject is English because he loves writing both fiction and non-fiction. He has the aspiration of one day being an author.

When he is not at school, he likes to do drawing, which allows him to express his creativity on paper, experimenting with different colours and shapes.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, JJ is looking forward to helping improve the school and being a good role model to the younger children.