Year 6 Prefects

These Year 6 Prefects have been specifically chosen for demonstrating the following outstanding qualities: 


    - An excellent attitude towards their work

    - Exemplary behaviour around the school

    - Consideration towards the whole school community

    - Striving to push themselves forwards in all they do

Our Prefects:


In the classroom, Tilly’s most enjoyable subject is maths as she has made great improvements in her understanding, which she is really proud of.

When she is not at school, she enjoys reading every night to help escape into a different world, video gaming, drawing and also playing with her cats.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Tilly is looking forward to holding doors open for assemblies.


In the classroom, Zak’s most enjoyable subject is geography because he likes learning about different cultures around the world and facts about different countries.

When he is not at school, he really enjoys being able to play football and plays for Heathfield and Horam as a right back.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Zak is looking forward to continuing to help make Cross in Hand a happy and safe place by helping with different Prefect jobs.


At school, Beau’s favourite subject is English because it allows her to be creative and build an atmosphere for her reader to experience.

Outside of the classroom, her hobbies include roller blading as it is not only fun but also keeps her fit. Beau also likes to dance and enjoys performing to friends and family.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Beau is looking forward to helping out with different activities around the school.


At school, James’ favourite subject is geography as he loves learning about countries and landmarks with different fascinating features. He also has great knowledge about different countries’ flags.

Outside of the classroom, his hobbies include scooting to his friend’s house and being creative with colouring.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, James is looking forward to helping others, especially within assemblies.