Friday Special

The Friday Special is our weekly newsletter packed full of information about what the children have been up to, important dates for the diary, messages from our Friends association and information about what is happening at the church.

The latest issues of the Friday Special can be viewed below:

Issue 12

FS 12 2.12.22.pdf

Issue 11

FS 11 25.11.22.pdf

Issue 10

FS 10 18.11.22.pdf

Issue 9

FS 9 11.11.22.pdf

Issue 8

FS 8 4.11.22.pdf

Issue 7

FS 7 21.10.22.pdf

Issue 6

FS 6 14.10.22.pdf

Issue 5

FS 5 7.10.22.pdf

Issue 4

FS 4 30.9.22.pdf

Issue 3

FS 3 23.9.22.pdf

Issue 2

FS2 16th Sept 2022.pdf

Issue 1

FS1 9th Sept 2022.pdf