Year 2 Homework

In Year 2, we encourage the children to become increasingly familiar with the 2, 5 and 10 counting patterns, moving onto learning timetables when these are secure.

Many of our children read daily at home to an adult, which is fantastic. Research has shown that children who read daily at home, not only have a higher reading age but also have better outcomes with spelling and writing. It is also a lovely opportunity to spend some time with your child.

Children will often be given a homework book activity to aid their learning from the classroom. These activities are designed to be supported by parents and carers and any input is greatly appreciated. Please help your children to value their homework book by sticking in work where possible and using a pencil, as they would in class.

Homework is set and due in on Fridays (unless otherwise stated) You will have a whole week to complete each homework task.

We do not test the children weekly on their spellings because the impact of this strategy has been shown to be negligible. The children are expected to spell high frequency and common exception words for their year group and are assessed on these in their writing.

Current homework for Year 2 can be downloaded below: