Year 6 Prefects

These Year 6 Prefects have been specifically chosen for demonstrating the following outstanding qualities:

- An excellent attitude towards their work

- Exemplary behaviour around the school

- Consideration towards the whole school community

- Striving to push themselves forwards in all they do

Our Prefects:


In the classroom, Eleanor’s most enjoyable subject is history because she loves learning about the past, where things originate back to and make links to the present day.

When she is not at school, she likes to read, write, draw, sing and dance. She loves doing these things because with all of them she can be creative and get lost in her own world.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Eleanor is most looking forward to having extra responsibilities as well as being a good role model.


Lottie’s favourite subject at school is maths because she likes the fact that it is logical and there is always a right or wrong answer. She also enjoys finding out how things work in science lessons.

When she is not at school, Lottie enjoys both music (playing both the violin and viola) and dance. She loves the way that she is able to express herself through these and finds them rewarding.

Since being selected to be a Prefect, Lottie is looking forward to helping the school community and working hard to set a good example to others.


At school, Natalia’s favourite subject is maths because she loves getting challenged, which gives her a chance to improve her skills. She also likes showing her imagination within art lessons as well.

Outside of the classroom, she does cooking, using different ingredients to help make her favourite meals. She also loves to write and would like to be an author when she is older.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Natalia is looking forward to helping others, both in the classroom and also around the school.