Weekly Overview

Weekly Overview - w/b 9/11/20

English - This week in English, we started to look at the book The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith. We talked about some of the language used in the first few chapters and what this meant. We then looked at the author's use of adverbs and adverbial phrases lading into us creating our own. We also looked at the author's use of speech and how speech marks are used. We then used speech marks in our own writing.

Maths - This week, the focus has been on using he column method to solve addition problems. We started by using the column method without having to cross any boundaries (carry). By the end of the week, the children have been crossing boundaries to solve calculations. The children have also been using this skill to solve word problems and to help them to answer problem solving questions.

Science - We started our topic on electricity this week by considering what items use either mains electricity or are battery powered. This led into a discussion about items that require both. We then looked at how electricity is created at a gas-fired power station. We followed this by looking at the symbols that we will being using in class to draw and talk about battery powered circuits.

RE - We have continued our look at the Holy Trinity by looking at the key language used to describe God, the father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit. We then looked at artists' interpretations of the Holy Trinity to see how they incorporated this symbolism.

DT - In DT this term, we are looking at Roman Chariots. Our first lesson looked at what a Roman Chariot is and how it is built.

Topic - Th children started to look at Boudica and the reasons behind her rebellion. The children then acted out key parts of the story.

Forest School - This week the children made S'mores over the 'camp fire' and explored the Forest School area.

Weekly Overview - w/b 2/11/20

English - This week in English we have been looking at the poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. The children looked at the structure of this poem including looking at the rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia. The children then worked together to follow this structure and create their own poem about when the Sound Collector visited the school.

Maths - This week we have been looking at using a numberline to help us to add in preparation for moving to using a column method next week. The children have also been working on ways to answer a mathematical problem to show how they have used their reasoning skills.

Art - This week, the children have been finishing their mosaic work by adding a motif inside their borders. This is to finish their artwork from last term that couldn't be done du to the school closure.

Computing - The children have continued their work on coding and have used this to make objects move and following procedures.

Weekly Overview - w/b 12/10/20

English: This week we have been working on our final piece of writing - a newspaper account about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. The children have looked at planning the report to make sure that there is a clear introduction and the events are retold in chronological order. They have then used journalistic language to help them to write their report.

Maths: This week in maths, the children have been using a place value grid to solve addition and subtraction questions. Understanding how to use this will help them later this year as we move from using number lines to using the grid method to solve calculations. The children are becoming more confident with exchanging.

Science: The children have completed their science investigation into which materials are best at muffling sound.

Art: The children have continued with the mosaic work this week which will culminate with a finished mosaic by the end of next week.

RE: This week we have been looking at the parable of The Good Samaritan and linked this to our Collective Worship theme of compassion. The children have been thinking about compassion and how they can show this to others.

Computing: The children have continued to work on coding and looking at how the instructions they feed into a program can affect the output.

Music: The children have been looking at songs by Abba this term and thinking about the beat and rhythms within the different songs.

Weekly Overview - w/b 5/10/20

English: This week we have been focusing on newspapers. We looked at the features that we would expect to find in a newspaper. We then looked at how the introduction is written including the use of the 5 Ws (Who? What? Where? When? Why?). We followed this with looking at how the main body of a newspaper article is written.

Maths: This week in maths we have started to look at addition and subtraction. The children have been using a place value grid to look at adding and subtracting including exchanging.

Computing: In computing this week we looked at controlling events. The children started to use coding to control events such as turning a light on or off when a button was pushed.

Science: This week we talked about an investigation that we will carry out next week. The investigation is looking at which materials are best for muffling sound. The children worked in groups to plan their investigation and organise the materials that they will bring into school.

Art: We have started to create our borders for our mosaic work using the printing techniques that we have practised.

RE: This week we looked at the story of the wise builder and foolish builder. We looked at what type of person Jesus wants people to be. We also talked about the link between this parable and the parable of the sower.

Topic: In topic this week, we continued to look at Roman soldiers. The children used the information that they gathered to create a poster or fact file.

Weekly Overview - w/b 28/9/20

English: In English this week we have been planning and writing stories inspired by our class book ‘Escape from Pompeii’. At the beginning of the week, we unpicked the structure of the story and considered what happened in each section. We then used this structure to plan and write our own 'disaster' story. We have also been reading in groups and practising our weekly spellings.

Maths: This week in Maths we have been learning to identify Roman Numerals. The children then practised adding and subtracting the Roman Numerals that they knew up to 100. Later in the week we practised adding and subtracting 1, 10, 100 and 1000. We also took our weekly times tables quiz where we aim to beat our time or score from the previous week.

Computing: In Computing this week we have been learning to use 'If' statements to allow selection in programs. We have been creating blocks of code using Free Code Gibbon on Purple Mash. The children have been learning how important it is to create blocks of coding that match a criteria as, if they don't, the program does not run properly or at all!

Art: In Art this week we have continued to use printing techniques to create a Roman Mosaic border. The children have been learning how important it is to be as accurate as possible when creating this border.

PE: In PE we have been learning to develop an awareness of speed and pace and developing fluency when running and walking.

Topic: To support our learning about the Romans, the children have been looking at Roman armies and what a Roman soldier would have been wearing. They then thought about why they would be wearing these items and how this would protect them in battle.

Science: The children looked at how the energy within sound lessens over distance and, as a result, the sound becomes fainter. We used datalogger devices to record the decibel levels over a range of distances to see how this happens.