Year 1 and 2


Thank you from the whole team for all of your outstanding efforts with home-schooling. We know it hasn't been easy but we applaud the methods and strategies (and bribery) used to maintain a level of normality and progression with learning. Please bring your work in with you on Monday as we are really excited to see how everyone has got on. We really value this contribution.

As we embark on the new normal, can I please remind you all that we are here to help. If you find any issues or problems that we can solve, or if you just want to tell us about how everyone is settling back in, do not hesitate to let us know.

If you do need to contact your child's teacher directly or to send work: Hastings Camber Leeds Bodiam

This is the last week that I will have to do this job on a Sunday, I hope!

Monday 1st March 2021: Happy St David's Day

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Bailey for sharing her traditions and culture with us.

1st March Monday word search EMW.pdf

Some Welsh Language

1st March phonics year 1 & 2.pdf


A - Children who might need a little support

Monday Maths March 1st LA maths.pdf

B - Children who are more confident but will need help with the reading

Monday March 1st MA.pdf

C- Children who love a challenge! Good Luck.

Monday March 1st HA.pdf


St David's Day PowerPoint.pptx
Monday 1st March LA.pdf
Monday 1st March MA.pdf
Monday 1st March HA.pdf


Monday 1st March Creative activities.pdf

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Year 1 Phonics

Year 1 phonics Tuesday week 2.pdf

Year 2 Phonics

Tuesday year 2 phonics week 2.pdf


Maths: If you find that your child has finished today's learning and would like more of a challenge, please look at the Nrich website for more challenging work. We can't take their learning further until we have had the opportunity to assess their full understanding and ability to apply this in reasoning problems.

Tuesday A.pdf
Tuesday B (2).pdf
Tuesday C (1).pdf
Tuesday Ext (1).pdf


A Dragon post 1 2.3.21.pdf
B and C Dragon post 1 2.3.21.pdf


History lesson 2.pdf

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Year 1 Phonics

Year 1 phonics Wednesday week 2.pdf

Year 2 Phonics

Wednesday year 2 phonics week 2.pdf


Wednesday A.pdf
Wednesday B (6).pdf
wednesday C (3).pdf
Wednesday Ext (1).pdf


Types of letters.ppt
Literacy task Wednes. 3.3.21.pdf

Jigsaw and Science - both of these subjects deal with 'Healthy Me' this term so we would like you to have a look at both of these elements today. They are closely intertwined.


Jigsaw 3.3.21.pdf


Food Groups (1).pptx
3.3.21 Science 5 food groups lesson 2.pdf

Thursday 4th March 2021

Year 1 Phonics

Year 1 phonics Thursday week 2 (1).pdf

Year 2 Phonics

Thursday year 2 phonics week 2.pdf


Thursday A.pdf
Thursday B (2).pdf
Thursday C (2).pdf
Thursday EXT.pdf


PPP Meerkat Mail.pptx
Cross in Hand CEP School.pdf

Friday 5th March 2021

Year 1 phonics Friday week 2.pdf

Year 2 Phonics

Friday year 2 phonics week 2 (2).pdf


Friday A (5).pdf
Friday B (2).pdf
Frdiay C (4).pdf
Friday ext (1).pdf


Trombone Shorty by Trombone Shorty.pdf


RE Week 2.pptx
RE Week 2.pdf